The call to birth work lit you up.

It doesn't have to burn you out.

You love being a doula

But something is holding you back

Sometimes being a doula feels impossibly hard.  

At times it feels like there is so much you don’t know. Not to mention the business side which is so overwhelming. Its hard to know what to charge, how to find clients, how to set up childcare and back ups and contracts, the list goes on and on. You’re not sure you’ll ever be able to be like the successful doulas you see in the community. They seem to have it all figured out and you sure don’t.   

At times it feels as though the emotional and physical burden keeps getting heavier. Being on call, being part of difficult or long births, struggling to support clients in hospitals that aren’t set up for their success, trying not to bring the heaviness home with you. You’re trying to take care of yourself but the long baths aren’t cutting it anymore.  

You can’t help but think: 

If I am truly called to do this work, why does it have to be so hard? 

You have everything you need to be a thriving doula

You have everything you need

to be a thriving doula

You don’t need to fit yourself into the box of what you think a doula ‘should’ be, your business should be as unique as you are. So let’s get you started on the path to confidence and growth! 

I started my doula journey in 2017 because of my second beautiful, powerful birth 

It planted something in my heart that began to grow. I felt as though I had witnessed something magical that I couldn’t unsee. I began my doula journey with so much passion and excitement, but have come face to face with many frustrations and even flirted with burnout a few times along the way. I felt drawn to share my experience with other doulas and began mentoring other doulas and holding trainings to help them feel confident and to set themselves up for success. I have created Doula Magic to help doulas all around the world connect with their callings in their own unique way.

I truly believe that birthworkers are instrumental in the changes that are happening in the birth world and that when we heal birth, we can heal the world. 

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Check out these success stories!

Katie's Birth Business retreat was so personalized, yet left me feeling so connected to my fellow birth workers. I found out the right next steps to take for my business and they have paid off- even with maternity leave since I attended the retreat, I have had a lot more interest in my business. So much of what I learned and experienced has changed me for the better, and that translates over into my business daily. I feel like I gained a lot of clarity on how to utilize my strengths and capitalize on my unique contribution to the birth world.
Jenessa Berg
I took the Doula Magic course prior to my doula training. I had a handful of questions and concerns about birth-work which the course instantly alleviated. I feel like coming from little to no background of business knowledge that I was able to be fully present during the doula training without my mind wandering off to all those questions that had previously been answered by you. I feel like now beginning I have a framework and guidance to refer to versus just winging it. It was really really beneficial taking it beforehand.
Savanna Burgos
Doula Magic's course helped me out so much. I was ready to jump board, but Katie's retreat helped me formulate a 5 year plan, and left me confident in my ability to run a business. Last week I had a client email me that was the dream client I wanted to work with, and we hit it off at the consultation. She didn't cringe at my pricing, and I live in a college town area. I used pretty much everything I learned from Katie's course last fall, and I know more good things are headed my way! This course is great for those struggling to be confident in their pricing, struggling with consistently finding clients you like working with, if you feel burnt out, if you feel disconnected from your branding, you feel like whatever you do to get your name out there doesn't work. I was also able to connect with a lot of like-minded birthworkers which was really valuable for me.
Eva Cooper
I’ve been doula-ing for 6 years. 6. Years. Lol. I had many months I thought would be my last. I thought I would be among the many who would burn out at 2-3 years. Maybe if I had attended Katie’s training earlier on I could have spared myself some of that pain. Ha. Growing pains can be good too. I’m at a place now where I am much more comfortable with what I offer, I know what I do well, I know how I do and do not like to market myself, I have experience with having ideal clients, and I can say no and say yes to what feels best. Katie is a wonderful teacher. I am so grateful for the space she is holding in the birth world and I can’t wait for her to unroll more magic upon us!
Raquel Alfaro

is a great fit for you if:

  • You can’t help but feel like you’re not good enough for birthwork.  
  • You are struggling to find clients.  
  • Having a hard time putting yourself out there.  
  • You were not prepared for all the other responsibilities that come with owning a small business.  
  • Marketing is exhausting and frustrating.  
  • The hospital birth fatigue has set in.  
  • The mental burden of being on call is way more than you’d bargained for.  
  • You can’t help comparing yourself to other doulas.  
  • You are ready to make changes and grow your business! 

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